The southern renewable energy zone will be connected to the national electricity market

The answer to cheaper, cleaner energy has been blowing in the wind for years — and finally the federal government realized, green energy advocates say.

This week’s announcement that the Federal Government will foot the bill to connect the Southern Renewable Energy Zone to the national electricity market is historic, according to the Queensland Conservation Council.

“We are finally seeing some clarity from the government that we are moving to renewables,” council director Dave Copeman said.

“For too long it was political football. And that just meant there was no certainty for investors.”

Mr Copeman said the ‘lack of certainty’ hurt Queenslanders in the hip pocket.

“Our electricity bills have gone up…but this decision signals that the future of electricity will be cleaner and cheaper,” he said.

“There is no fuel price for wind or solar, it doesn’t go up and down when you have international crises.

“It gets cheaper and cheaper the more you build.”

The Macintyre Wind Farm Precinct, which is one of two projects in the Southern Renewable Energy Zone, is due to be operational in the Southern Downs in 2024.

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Construction of MacIntyre Wind Precinct begins in Queensland.(Supplied by: ACCIONA Energía)

Nail in the coffin of fossil fuels?

Not far from the southern renewable energy area is the town of Acland, home to the New Acland Coal Mine.

The owners of the mine hope to expand its operation.

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