Kevin Durant and Juan Soto’s business markets aren’t that different

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The MLB trade deadline is a week away, and there’s one name everyone’s watching: Juan Soto. There would also be a team seen as the potential favorite to have him: the Cardinals of St. Louis.

St. Louis has emerged ahead of the pack thanks to a deep farm system and a plethora of talented young players who have already reached the big time. Here is a list of the names circulating:

And let’s not forget that the Cardinals recently traded for some superstars: Nolan Arenado there are two off-seasons and Paul Goldschmidt in 2018. For all these reasons and more, St. Louis climbed to No. 1 in our baseball expert RJ Anderson’s potential landing spots for Soto:

  • Anderson: “There’s no perfect parallel for Soto’s situation, but the Cardinals have waded into deep waters in the past… The Cardinals can offer the Nationals a compelling combination of high-end prospects and established MLB players. , and they should have the means to absorb a bad contract [Nationals SP Patrick Corbin] if that’s what it takes to close a deal.”


KentuckyThe season of Saint Pierre in his first NCAA tournament — but the Wildcats’ offseason just keeps getting better. small front Justin Edwardsthe #2 rookie overall for the Class of 2023, committed in Kentucky over Tennessee last nightmaking an already great group even better.

  • Kentucky now has the second recruiting class of 2023, only behind duke. Edwards will join the point guard Robert Dillingham (N°12 of the class) and Reed Shepard (#26 in class) in Lexington.
  • It’s a great rebound for John Calipari and company, who finished outside the top 10 of the 2022 class standings.
  • Edwards averaged 18.3 points and 8.3 rebounds per game and led his high school, Imhotep, to city and state titles as a junior; 247 Sports recruiting expert Travis Branham calls him “arguably the most comprehensive perspective in the class.”

Be sure to check out Gary Parrish’s column on how Kentucky and Duke continue to thrive in the NIL era as well.

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And not such a good morning for…


To be fair, Jaylen BrownToday’s morning probably isn’t going as badly as yesterday. That still doesn’t mean he has a good one. Early yesterday morning, reports surfaced that Brown is at the center of a proposed trade package that would send Kevin Durant to the Celtics.

Brown had a simple reaction to the reports: “Smh” (which, for all non-abbreviators, means “shake your head”). Let’s break it down:

  • The Celtics Brown suggested, Derrick White and a draft pick in Brooklyn.
  • The Nets countered by asking Brown, Smart Marcusmultiple draft picks and potentially another rotation player.
  • Boston was hesitant to include Smart and several picks, but including Brown’s shows the Celtics are legitimate contenders in the Durant race.

It’s easy to see why Brown is frustrated. He has an All-Star appearance to his name, was the second leading scorer on a team that missed two games of an NBA championship and even led that team to score in the final. He’s 25 – nearly a decade younger than Durant – and a formidable defender, solid offensive player and homegrown star for Boston, where he’s under contract for two more years.

Boston has made its intentions clear – even if Brown doesn’t like them – and although Durant is the ultimate prize, these intentions come with many potential downsidesnotes NBA expert Brad Botkin.

  • Botkin: “Trading a 25-year-old All-Star who has All-NBA potential over the next half-decade, plus Defensive Player of the Year, plus future draft equity, is the definition of pushing all your chips to the middle. It’s always gonna give you pause. We’ll see if the Celtics are willing to accept Brooklyn’s terms. But the train has at least started to move in that direction. Including Brown in an offer was a big hurdle to jump. for the Celtics. If that were to happen, there’s likely to be a lot of Boston fans – Durant’s greatness notwithstanding – uncertain, if not unhappy, about the deal.”

Not so honorable mentions

Michigan tops CBS Sports’ top college sports rankings 🥇

Graphic by Mike Meredith

The eighth edition of our “The Best of College Sport” the ranking is here. Using a point system that emphasizes football and basketball while considering other “generic” sports, the Michigan Wolverines ran away with this year’s title. Here are the top five:

  • 1. Michigan Wolverines: 588.50 points
  • 2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 512.50 points
  • 3. Ohio State Buckeyes: 506.75 points
  • 4. North Carolina Tar Heels: 470.50 points
  • 5. Arkansas Razorbacks: 440.50 points

As you can see, it wasn’t even close: Michigan’s margin of victory over Notre Dame was even greater than the difference between Notre Dame and No. 5 Arkansas. And it’s not hard to see why the Wolverines dominated on every level:

  • Soccer: won the Big Ten, made the college football playoffs
  • Men’s basketball: made Sweet 16
  • Women’s basketball: made Elite Eight
  • Struggle: NCAA Finalist
  • Men’s gymnastics: NCAA Third Place

While the formula has only two wild card sports, the Wolverines have had plenty of success elsewhere, with a Frozen Four appearance for men’s ice hockey, a seventh-place finish for women’s gymnastics, an NCAA Tournament appearance for women’s lacrosse and regional appearances for baseball and softball.

Michigan becomes the only school to win the award twice, with its other title coming in 2018-19. Georgia, which won last year, finished ninth. You can see a full explanation, how the 130 teams stacked up and a history of the prize here.

Who needs what? Previews of MLB trade deadlines for contenders ⚾


There are other big names outside of Soto who could be dealt at the trade deadline – hard to believe, I know! — and our team of MLB experts has put together some great trade timeframe overviews for several playoff contenders.

We already have Talk about the Red Sox in yesterday’s newsletterSo let’s move on to their biggest rival: The Yankees lead the AL but could definitely use weaponsnotes MLB guru Mike Axisa.

Among the names to watch out for here are Reds All Star Luis Castillo and Athletics stand out Frankie Montas. We also have trade time previews for the…

We will also have the Cardinals today and the Dodgers and giants tomorrow.

What we’re watching on Tuesday 📺

Yankees at the Mets7:10 p.m. on TBS

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