ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit and Fees from Major Banks in India

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Since the RBI increased the amount banks were allowed to charge per ATM transaction, several banks have revised their ATM fees this year.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed all major banks to charge for ATM transactions. However, banks offer a limited number of free ATM transactions each month. Beyond free transactions, including financial and non-financial services, lenders charge fees with applicable taxes.

In June last year, the RBI allowed banks to charge up to Rs 21 per ATM transaction above the monthly free transaction limit, effective January 1, 2022. Previously, the fee limit was 20 rupees for each transaction.

Here is a comparison of ATM fees charged by major banks in India for savings/regular/salary account customers.

SBI ATM Fees and Limits

The State Bank of India (SBI) offers five free transactions at its group ATMs for customers.

The free transaction limit for ATMs located in six metropolitan centers (Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad): 3 per month

The free transaction limit for ATMs located in other regions: 5 per month.

Non-cash transaction fee: Rs 5 at SBI ATM and Rs 8 at other bank ATMs plus applicable GST rates.

Cash withdrawal fee: Rs 10 at SBI ATMs and non-SBI ATMs are charged Rs 20 per transaction plus GST.

International ATM fees are 100 rupees plus 3.5% of the transaction amount and applicable GST.

Charges or transactions declined due to insufficient balance: Rs 20 plus applicable GST.

Daily transaction limit: Rs 20,000 and the minimum limit is Rs 100.

National Bank of Punjab ATM Fees and Limits

PNB cardholders attached to savings bank accounts enjoy three free transactions (financial and non-financial) in 6 metropolitan cities (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad) and five transactions in other cities at ATMs each month.

Cash withdrawal fee: Rs. 10 per transaction.

Non-financial transaction fee: Rs. 9 per transaction.

Transaction fee declined due to insufficient balance: Rs 5.

Fees for international transactions

Cash withdrawal: Rs 150 per transaction.

Non-financial transaction: Rs 30 per transaction

Cash withdrawal limit

For Platinum cardholders:

Limit per day: 50,000

Single limit: 20,000

Ecom/Pos limit: 1,25,000

For Classic cardholders

Limit per day: 25,000

Single limit: 20,000

Ecom/Pos Limit: 60,000

For Gold Card Holders

Limit per day: 50,000

Single limit: 20,000

Ecom/Pos limit: 1,25,000


For customers of Savings Accounts and HDFC Salary Accounts, the ATM transaction fee rate above the free limit is Rs 21 plus tax where applicable.

Free transactions limit

At Metro counters: 3 free transactions.

At counters outside the Metro: 5 free transactions.

Cash withdrawal fee: Rs 21 per transaction plus applicable taxes.

Non-Financial Transaction Fee: ₹8.50 plus applicable taxes.

International ATM transaction fees.

Cash withdrawal: Rs. 125 plus applicable taxes.

Non-financial transactions: Rs. 25 plus applicable taxes.

Cash withdrawal limit: Rs 10,000 per day at a HDFC Bank ATM and Rs 25,000 or more with a debit card (depending on card type).


For ICICI Bank customers, the first five cash withdrawals in a month are free and for six metropolitan locations (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad) the limit is capped at three free transactions per month. month.

Cash withdrawal fee: Rs 21 per financial transaction

Fee for non-financial transactions: Rs 8.5 per transaction

Non-local branch fee: Rs 5 per Rs 1,000, for transaction value above Rs 25,000 per day or Rs 150, whichever is greater.

The cash withdrawal limit per transaction is Rs 25,000.

The cash withdrawal limit per day is Rs. 50,000 (1,00,000 for HNIs).

Axis Bank ATM Fees and Limits

Axis Bank customers in the six metropolitan areas enjoy 3 free monthly ATM transactions and 4 for customers in other areas.

Monthly Free Cash Transaction Limits (Urban): First 5 transactions.

Monthly no-cash transaction limits (semi-urban/rural): first 5 transactions

Monthly cash transactions at Axis Bank ATM: the first 5 financial transactions are free and unlimited non-financial transactions.

For Metro locations (Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad): First 3 transactions (financial and non-financial)

Cash withdrawal fee: Rs 21 per transaction

Non-financial transaction fee: Rs 10 per transaction

ATM cash withdrawal limit (per day): Rs. 40,000

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