5 Unique Side Hustles You Probably Don’t Know About

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There may be more side hustle than you think – here are some great money-making gigs to consider.

Key points

  • Having a side business can help you reach your financial goals more easily.
  • You may be able to earn extra income by doing laundry, assembling furniture, or giving feedback that helps improve websites.

Many Americans choose to work on the side to increase their income. Are you planning to get a side hustle? While many side businesses are popular and well-known, there are some unique opportunities that you may not be aware of yet. With any of these opportunities, you may be able to earn some extra cash while trying something new.

1. Get paid to test websites

While most businesses have a website, not all websites perform well or look good.

Some companies recognize the importance of a good website. They pay ordinary internet users to suggest changes they can make to their websites for a better user experience.

You can get paid to provide feedback when you spend a few minutes on a website as a paid tester for companies like UserTesting. Pricing varies by testing platform and assignment, but you can expect to earn around $10 for around 15 minutes of your time.

2. Help others with their laundry

Do you like doing laundry? You can get paid to help others tackle their mountain of clothes to clean. You will pick up the laundry, wash and dry it, fold it and return it to the customer.

hampr is a company that connects construction workers with people who need their laundry done. Pricing varies by region, but you can expect to earn around $7-$10 per charge. Thanks to this platform, you keep 100% of the tips you receive from customers.

You may be able to get paid to review legal matters from home. Before going to trial, lawyers look for ways to strengthen their case. You can provide feedback and get paid as an online juror.

Verdict Online is one company that provides this type of work. You will be asked to review case details and answer a few questions if you are selected for a case. Cases take 20-60 minutes to review and you can earn $20-$60 per case.

This could be an interesting way to boost your bank account balance and will likely generate more income than the traditional jury duty experience.

4. Let strangers use your pool for a fee

Is there anything better than spending a hot day by the pool? Many people would love to have a pool but don’t want to pay for one or keep up with the required maintenance.

If you have a pool that you don’t use often, you may be able to increase your income by renting it out for parties and events. Swimply is an app where people can rent private pools by the hour.

If your pool is in a big city and you have an inviting outdoor space, this may be an attractive option for renters. There is no fixed rate – you control what you charge.

5. Assemble furniture (or get paid to complete other tasks)

If you’re a handy person who likes to put things together or do small tasks around the house, you may be able to get paid to help others with their projects.

TaskRabbit is an app that will connect you with potential project opportunities. Furniture assembly is just one type of project available on the app. Other projects include mounting televisions, landscaping tasks, organizing closets, and doing home repair work. Rates vary by project and area, but many projects pay $20 to $50 per hour.

These side hustles might not be ones you’ve heard of before, but they offer different ways to earn more income. By getting a side hustle, you may be able to build an emergency fund, pay off debt, or save for a future expense like a vehicle or a down payment for a house.

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