3 reasons to buy clothes at Target

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Could buying clothes there help you look stylish without breaking your budget?

Key points

  • Target is a very popular store that sells many items.
  • Among its many items on offer, Target offers a wide selection of clothing.
  • You might want to consider shopping for clothes at Target for a few key reasons, including lower costs and a price-match guarantee.

Target is famous for being a fun place to shop, with plenty of bargains to be had. And one of the best deals from big box stores is for stylish clothes. Target offers a wide selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, and also offers specialty gear such as maternity wear.

If you haven’t checked out the clothes Target has for sale, you could be missing out on a great buying opportunity. In fact, here are three reasons why you should consider shopping for clothes at Target.

1. Prices are reasonable

When you shop at Target for clothes, you may only pay a fraction of the price of designer stores, but you still get great clothes.

Target makes a point of offering trendy items so you can look trendy and stylish in the things you buy there. But you won’t have to break your budget or even pull out the credit cards in order to upgrade your wardrobe. In fact, women’s clearance shirts can be had for less than $5, while special promotions like $10 off $40 for kids’ clothing make shopping easy and affordable for the whole family.

Target has partnered with major celebrities and clothing designers to deliver unique collections. This summer, that includes social media personality Tabitha Brown, who recently launched her first collections with the store. Target has also partnered with Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Graves and Lilly Pulitzer in the past to bring stylish clothing at prices everyone can afford.

2. Free returns are available

Shopping for clothes can always be a challenge, and you may find that once you have that item at home, it just doesn’t fit into your wardrobe as expected. If so, there’s another great Target benefit you should know about: hassle-free returns.

As long as the item is new and opened, you can return it within 90 days at any Target store. If you purchased it from Target.com, you also have the option of returning it in-store or dropping it off at a UPS or FedEx return access point after printing a free return label.

The ability to easily return any item makes shopping at Target more convenient and also helps you avoid wasting money on clothing purchases you end up regretting.

3. There is a price match guarantee

Finally, another great reason to buy clothes from Target is the price match guarantee. This allows you to never overpay for your items.

Target said it will match the price of any item if you can find an identical one on Target.com or some online competitor’s website. Target will also match the price of items featured in local competitors’ print ads. There is a comprehensive list available online that shows which online competitors are eligible for price matching (link opens a PDF with the list).

Target also promises that if you buy something and find a lower price within 14 days of your purchase, you’ll be refunded the difference. This is great because it means that even if you don’t time your purchases perfectly, there’s always a chance to save.

For all of these reasons, if you’re on the hunt for new clothes, you should check out Target to see if they might have something that’s right for you.

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